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What is findair?

Findair ONE is an intelligent device that allows you to monitor your asthma. Each time you use a drug it collects information about circumstances of the drug usage. It allows you to control your asthma and teaches you about your triggers. Just put FindAir ONE on the bottle of your drug and with every usage, you learn more about your asthma!

How ONE works?


Tired of a paper asthma diary? With FindAir you have the full details and statistics about your drug usage. During your next visit to the doctor you will no longer have to remember everything that has happened over the past few months. Our inbuilt asthma diary will present you data in a clear and transparent way.


We know how easy it is to lose an inhaler or leave it somewhere and forget about it. Now with the locating device feature you will never forget it from the home or office again. With our application you will be able to find it, even under a pile of clothes!



You forget to take your medicine? According to doctors one of the most important ways to combat asthma is taking your medications regularly. Now, thanks to the drug reminders you systematically fight asthma.                                                     



Often triggers and causes of asthma attacks are invisible at first glance. Based on the collected data, our advanced algorithm is able to warm you about possible situation in which asthma attack can occur. Tips are always personalized to the user and his profile.

Challenge asthma with us!

While creating FindAir solutions it is very important for us to hear your opinions and about your experience with asthma. Therefore, we would like to cooperate with you in further work on improving our device. Share your experience or just leave us your email so we can keep you updated!


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FindAir is company developing smart inhaler solutions focused on increasing the life quality of patients by providing them with data based guidance.

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